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Hawkins Centers of Learning

Hawkins Centers of Learning (HCoL), a 501C3 chartered in 2005, serves the educational community by preserving, translating into practice, and extending the ideas of Frances and David Hawkins.

Our work includes:

1. Providing workshops, gatherings, writings, and presentations that investigate, articulate, and deepen their work

2. Preserving the historical record of their ideas in the form of books, correspondences, articles, papers, and a collection of OUTLOOK, the magazine of the Mountain View Center for Environmental Education

3. Facilitating and provoking dialogues that explore and promote their ideas within the education community and among the general public

4. Development of “Cultivate the Scientist in Every Child: The Philosophy of Frances and David Hawkins,” a museum-quality exhibition exploring

5. historical and contemporary examples of their pedagogy

6. Support of working-groups dedicated to our mission

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